The Correct Way to Use Dehumidifier

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1.Power Supply

The dehumidifier must be equipped with a special power supply, and pay attention to the power supply voltage, which should meet the standards of machine(it is 220v or 380v), and don't use a socket together with the other appliances. Power supply should keep far away from water in order to avoid short-circuit.

2. Location

Dehumidifier should be placed in a location where there is smooth air circulation. No big obstacles that influence the air circulation would appear near the unit. Dehumidifier should have at least 30cm distance from other objects.

3.Thermal Environment

Dehumidifier should not be located near the heat source, which will increase heat. If ambient temperature is above 40℃, the system internal pressure will increase and make the compressor overload, the overload protector will cut off the circuit, the compressor will be protected and stop working. So the best working temperature for dehumidifier is between 15 ℃ to 40 ℃. Set the humidity value should be set above 40%. If the humidity level is below 30%, air will be too dry and makes people feel uncomfortable.


When moving and transporting a dehumidifier, the gradient of the machine should be limited to 45 degrees. Keep upright and other location way is strictly prohibited. If placed conversely, it will cause refrigerant flow back and internal spring decouple. Great noise will occur and machine cannot be used properly. Prevent excessive vibration which will cause pipeline fracture and damage to the machine. Dehumidifier should be placed statically for 4-6 hours before start operation after moving. Because the refrigerant is in the compressor tube, it can return only after 4-6 hours static location.


Dehumidifier should be used under a sealed spot, doors and windows should be closed. Instruments that produce water vapor should also be moved away. Because dehumidifier removes moisture based on the inside air circulation. If the sealing is not good, it will affect the dehumidification effect, extend the dehumidifier working time, increase energy consumption.

6.Fault Noise

If you find metal impact sound during the process of work, you should stop and check. Especially to check whether the centrifugal blades and volute crash, whether fasteners are loose. It is better to add lubrication oil to the bearing from fan motor every six months.


If domestic dehumidifier with water tank full of water, you need to take out the tank horizontally. If you need to carry the body in the operation, please unplug the power cord first, and then pour out the water in the tank. Commercial or industrial dehumidifier requires drainage height should not exceed the height of the dehumidifier drainage hose, otherwise it will lead to water flow back, which will badly damaged the dehumidifier.


Regularly clean the filter. If the dust content is high in the environment, you have to clean the dehumidifier once a week if regular use for maintaining the machine efficiency and life span. If the filter is only dirty with dust, just clean it with clean water with temperature under 40℃. If they contain oil, use detergent to clean. After the filter get dry, put it back to the machine body.It is important to note that you should just wipe the machine body gently with wet cloth. No direct water cleaning which will lead to electronic appliance insulation. You can use soap water to clean the stain on the machine surface. Avoid using gasoline, solvents or insecticide to clean the machine, which will peel the paint or discolor the surface color. Don't touch the machine inner structure with thin rod, wire which will lead to operation failure or danger.

9.Condenser And Evaporator

Condenser and evaporator should be cleaned regularly to avoid air inlet and outlet blockage. Environmental temperature below 15℃ will make the water on evaporator condensed easily, which will weaken dehumidification effect.


Unplug the dehumidifier when it is not in use for quite a long time and clean the machine. Volatile oil, diluent, detergent may cause harm to the machine, please do not use. Pour water from tank in order to avoid growth of bacteria.


Equipped with a digital microcomputer control, dehumidifier has very precise controlling components and parts, non-professional personnel shouldn't disassemble the unit. Users frequently transform functions will have dehumidifier reduce its service life.

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