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Commercial Restoration Dehumidifiers

A Restoration Dehumidifier Is Key Equipment For Drying And Restoring The Environment After Water Damage, As Flood Damage Restoration Is Usually a Daunting Job, So The Dehumidifier Must Be Durable, Heavy- Duty, Rugged, And Built To Handle The Rigors Of Nearly Any Situation.Read more

Crawlspace & Basement Dehumidifiers

AlorAir not only cares for removing the moisture in your basement, but also is professional in proving series of auxiliary accessories for a clean air-filled basement and healthy breathing air for family members.Read more

Air Mover

Air Movers Are Vital Pieces Of Drying Equipment For Water Damage Situations, As They Promote The Fast Drying Of Surfaces Such As Floors And Carpets. They Also Provide Air Circulation Within The Indoor Environment.Read more

Air Scrubber

Air scrubber features flexible and ground-breaking purification technology by AlorAir. Smoke and odor in cabinet is quickly neutralized in just five seconds when the air scrubber is turned on. Unlike conventional air purifiers,Read more

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