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Buying Guide of Air Scrubber

When selecting a proper piece of air scrubber, many factors need to be considered to finally help our customers find the ideal purchase of device. Performance and quality are the key factors that decide air freshening efficiency of the device in restoration and mold remediation projects.
Besides airflow and price that catch a lot of attentions, below are several main factors for your reference

Filtration Choosing

Filtration system might be the core part of portable air scrubber as this simple filter plays an import role in the particles and odor filtration process. The quality of filter decides the air scrubber effect and the cost for maintenance.

So, choosing a filter that can provide a vast of dirty particle holding capacity and a guaranteed life span. Moreover, the filter should not have a significant airflow loss. A professional filtration system asks for three stages of filters for different particle sizes while for odor filtration at the same time, the device should be equipped with a fourth stage of gas filtration.

Types of Blowers

Air scrubber needs a powerful blower to resist the debris buildup on the filters which absolutely decrease the airflow and cause static resistance. This phenomenon will absolutely brings bad effect to the device work efficiency.

Blowers with specific characteristics is produced for certain applications. Airfoil type blowers is suitable for air scrubber as it can overcome the pressure drop of the dirty filters. This blower will produce powerful airflow and extend the life span of filter when the filter start to collect debris.

Airflow Options

For choosing an adequate airflow of the air scrubber, you have to keep in mind that mostly the higher the airflow, the larger size of the device.

Based on the place size and working intensity, for regular household need which small jobs is common, a 500 CFM airflow air scrubber would be pretty suitable. While for the cleaning companies which doing a wide range of restoration and cleaning jobs have a high requirement of a driving airflow. Thus moderate airflow, like a 1,000 CFM air flow with easy transport is welcome.

Multiple Speed or Single Speed

In the real situation, air scrubbers have multiple speed and single speed, these two speed modes. Different applications ask for different speed presentation modes.

A multiple speed system can provide adjustable airflow when cleaning job requires, which is much flexible compared with single speed. Multiple speed is also a useful function for air re-circulation. Single speed can not be adjusted for air speed and related airflow noise which is sometimes need to be controlled by customers in the usage.

Easy Transport

For the fact that air mover has to be transport very frequently in different locations for diverse jobs, a portable air scrubber is mainly considered for flexible usage.

Air scrubber is designed for one-person operation or two-men operation. For easy transport, it is better to choose those relative light weight device with only one person can finish the operation. Moreover, a stair climber also attracts buyers as this feature can release labor when climbing stairs


Warranty with specific listed rights and responsibilities can protect customers’ benefits. Before purchasing an air mover, check the details of warranty and the extent of warranty coverage for machine failures or maintenance. Make sure you get the information that is useful when some faults occur during the operation.

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