How Does AlorAir Dehumidifiers Work

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Dehumidifiers on the market can mainly be divided into those several types: refrigeration dehumidifier, desiccant dehumidifier and ionic membrane dehumidifier. Before we get the knowledge of how a dehumidifier work, we have to pick up some common senses.

1. Where does excess moisture come from?
The air can load moisture in a vaporous state and this ability is decided by air temperature. When the air cools, the ability to hold water decreases correspondingly. So the air unloads excess moisture to cold surfaces. And that's dampness and condensation we are familiar with.
2. What is condensation?
That's a common phenomenon in the hot summer when you try to hold a cold coca-cola taken out from a refrigerator. You can find moisture condensate on the can surface, that is because hot air gets cool as it touches cool can surface, then the air is not able to hold moisture any longer, so this is the condensation.
3. How does dehumidifier work?
Dehumidifier is a machine with humidity controlling function by transforming humid air to dry air, besides that, dehumidifier can also be used as an air purifier. It is best-known that dehumidifiers are widely and successfully used for electronics, pharmaceuticals, photographic films, testing, storage and packaging, manufacturing, processing, brewing, drying, ice rink, in almost all industries, commercial and household applications. Below is the machine working principle for you to get better understanding of dehumidifier.
First, fan pulls humid air into the dehumidifier inlet where there always locates a filter to adsorb airborne particles. Then compressor compresses refrigerant which travels around the cooling coils and make them cool down. As humid air passes over those cooling coils, it begins to cool down, so the humid air loses its ability to hold the moisture in it.
In the end, condensate water is taken away by draining pipe as the gravity effect. This might be a very popular and easy to understand way to tell the way how a dehumidifier work, while in the real operation, the unit is affected by multiple other factors, like environment temperatures, humidity level. Environment without excessive moisture brings dry and comfortable air that health and breath needs.
4.How to deal with drainage
There are mainly three ways to deal with the water collected by the dehumidifier.
The most simple one is a dehumidifier has a tank, water drop down into the tank, when it is full, people have to pull the tank out and then pour away the water. Most dehumidifier with water tank has water full protection function, in case that the tank is full of water, the unit will have "Full Indication" light on to mention the tank is full and at the same time stop working, then you can handle the full tank in time.

Some more expensive dehumidifiers have a drainage hose connected with the unit to complete continuous draining no matter by the gravity or by water pump. Water pump can do long-distance draining for your convenience. Or you can run the drain hose upward to a reach a floor window, it can pump the condensate water up to 20 feet high. or through a hole on the ground to drain the water to your yard or garden.


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