Questions to consider when choosing a dehumidifier

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1. Room area, floor height, and humidity.
2. Pay attention to the wall structure and airtightness of the room.
3. The humidity range you need. Too high humidity is not good for the human body, so a dehumidifier must be used to make the air humidity reach the range required by the human body.
4. At the same time, if there is a smoker at home, or the house is renovated soon, the air will be very unhealthy. In this way, we can choose an air purifier.
According to the occasion of use, for the living environment, since the air humidity is more suitable for human beings in the range of 40-50%, this humidity is relatively easy to achieve for the dehumidifier. The dehumidification efficiency of the dehumidifier is very high, and the dehumidification speed is fast, especially the high-power dehumidifier, which can dehumidify better.
According to the objects of use, optical lenses, magnetic recording materials (including optical discs), video films, electronic information media, electronic components, instruments, meters, powder materials, paper, wool, silk, leather, tobacco, food, tea, For items that require strict humidity control, such as grains, the use of special dehumidifiers is more effective. It is recommended to use commercial dehumidifiers for dehumidification.
Household and commercial dehumidifier:

Household or basement dehumidifier:

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