Are you using the dehumidifier the right way? Look at these three tips

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Dehumidifier is the main electrical appliance to remove indoor humidity. For health, a good dehumidifier can play a role in preventing respiratory and skin infections. At present, many families are using dehumidifiers, but due to the lack of understanding of the dehumidifier products, the effects of the products cannot be maximized during the use process. How to use the dehumidifier correctly?

1. Read the instructions before use

In the process of use, it is inevitable that you will encounter some problems, especially if it takes a long time, the dehumidifier may malfunction, such as loud noise, idling without dehumidification, water leakage, etc., then the homework done before can come in handy. First, self-inspect according to the manual, make a preliminary judgment of the problem, and then think of a solution. If necessary, you can call the manufacturer's after-sales service phone for consultation.

2. Clean frequently and pour water frequently

Dehumidifiers, like other products, require regular maintenance during use. If they are not regularly maintained, the service life of the product will be reduced, the dehumidification capacity will not be strong, and the dehumidification effect will be poor.
Usually, the dehumidifier needs to clean the filter screen and the transducer regularly. Regular cleaning of the filter screen can not only improve the dehumidification speed, but also effectively increase the dehumidification speed of the product. In the course of use, it is necessary to pour water frequently, so that the product can continue to function and ensure the efficiency of dehumidification.

3. Don't get too close to obstacles

When the dehumidifier is working, it sucks the surrounding moisture into the product, and dehumidifies the product through a professional evaporation film. The product surroundings do not affect the product's air intake, so the air intake will be larger and faster, and the dehumidification speed will also be improved. Therefore, when the product is running, it is best not to have obstructive substances one meter before and after the product.

The above points are the points worth noting when using the product. Proper use of dehumidifier can make the dehumidification effect play a good role.

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