How to effectively dehumidify the basement? Four ways to help you solve the damp basement

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Four ways to help you solve the damp basement

1. When decorating the basement, we need to choose and use moisture-proof materials. It is best to choose materials with a good moisture-proof effect for basement decoration, such as moisture-proof paint, moisture-proof wallpaper, moisture-proof tiles, moisture-proof mats and so on.

2. When we deal with the decoration of the basement, pay attention to the use of moisture-proof materials. You can also install ventilation equipment in the basement to ventilate it is also conducive to dehumidification.

3. If conditions permit, we can design a skylight when decorating the basement. Open windows for ventilation to enhance air circulation and reduce indoor humidity. We need to be careful not to open windows for ventilation on cloudy days or after heavy rain, otherwise it will bring a lot of moisture into the basement.

4. When there is a flood, the basement is very humid. Flood repair is very important. The best way to dehumidify the basement is to buy a dehumidifier. ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier is recommended. The dehumidification efficiency is very high and it saves energy.

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