HEPA Pro UVIG Air Scrubber Wholesale Packs (Pack of 5/15)

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Purisystem HEPA Pro UVIG Air filtration system

The HEPA Pro UVIG is a construction grade negative air machine with 3-stage speeds ( 800/1400/2000 CFM ), Stainless steel housing, and full size, 12″deep HEPA filter. This air scrubber also has built-in UV-C Light Technology, suitable for the removal of dust, asbestos, and lead dust during renovation and abatement projects, and for purifying the air in commercial, factory sites, and large areas rooms. 

It has super quiet Wheels and carrying Handles, Easy to transport anywhere high-efficiency air filtration is needed. Ideal for is used in emission reduction and sewage repair, water and fire damage repair, construction sites, decoration projects, and dust and odor control.

The HEPA Pro UVIG has a 3-stage filtration, It is a pre-filter that can capture large particles and HEPA class H13 filters that are tested and certified at an efficiency rate of 99.97% at 0.3 microns.


  • 99.97% filtration efficiency on 0.3 um particles
  • UV lamp sterilization
  • UV light controllable switch
  • Differential pressure gauge display
  • Filter life reminder
  • The Mechanical structure is stable and durable
  • Can be connected to the air duct
  • Various filters are available
  • Three-speed variable wind speed filters are available
  • Power cord storage
  • Ultra-quiet casters

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