HEPA 600 UVIG Air Scrubber Wholesale Package (Pack of 5/15)

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Purisystems Hepa 600 UVIG Air Scrubber Wholesale Package

HEPA 600 UVIG represents a hospital-grade indoor negative pressure air scrubber housed in an aluminum profile. It boasts a comprehensive 5-stage disinfection system, incorporating UV-C light technology, an integrated ionizer, Merv 10, and HEPA filters. This versatile device proficiently tackles various tasks, including water stain, mold, fire, dust, odor, and sewage repairs.

Featuring a 5-stage filtration mechanism, the HEPA 600 UVIG utilizes Merv-10 filters to capture large particles and HEPA class Merv-17 filters, attaining an impressive efficiency rate of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. Consequently, it ensures superior air quality, whether addressing concrete dust, fine sanding dust, or gypsum dust.

Although indoor air quality often goes unnoticed, it significantly impacts our well-being. Enhancing air quality requires understanding the proper formula and employing the correct equipment. Particularly during remediation, construction, or post-building damage scenarios like flooding, fire, or demolition, maintaining clean air free from airborne hazards is crucial.


  • ETL certification
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum profile housing
  • The internal structure design is compact
  • Equipped with UVC ultraviolet lamp 
  • Stacked for easy transportation and storage
  • GFCI socket can be a Daisy chain connection
  • Stepless speed control knob
  • 23 ft power cord comes with it
  • Optional air intake tube seat

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