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AlorAir LGR 1250 Industrial Commercial Dehumidifier, 125 Pint Dehumidifier with Pump, pack of 4

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LGR 1250 commercial dehumidifier X 4 

Product description:

  • 【264 PPD Dehumidifier】: Removal 264 PPD at Saturation condition and 125 PPD at AHAM only with 8.2A, this large capacity dehumidifier works well for urgent Disaster Restoration, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require fast dry.
  • 【Commercial, industrial & personal Grade Dehumidifier】: Ideal for removing damp and moisture from Flood & Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Basements/Cellars, Laundries, De-Flooding, up to 3,000 sq. ft... Built-in Pump. DryingWork hard overnight or continuous for days at a time without you worrying about it.
  • 【Design with humanized】: Because of its compact size, Retractable Handle with wheels for transport, superior stacking features, and easy service access. Onboard storage for 20’ power cord and 20' condensate hose. The standard filter is a MERV-8 high-efficiency filter.
  • 【Easy Read & Operation】: It has no complicated function button, Temperature, and Humidity Display at Both Inlet and Outlet Side, Ideal for water damage restoration projects, The clear LCD display, easy to read even from a far distance.
  • 【5 Years Warranty, Robust Construction】: We believe in quality and after-sales service. This ETL-listed dehumidifier is made of a roto-mold casing, ensuring long-term use and easy maintenance.

    The Storm LGR 1250 High-Performance Commerical Dehumidifier, the roto-molded polyethylene housing is dent resistant, offers superior durability.
    Ideal for water damage restoration projects, its high-efficiency rotary compressor ensures the maximum moisture extraction, of up to 190 pints per day (125 PPD AHAM), at the lowest running cost.

    The Storm LGR 1250 is the right dehumidifier to tackle water damage restoration projects of all scales and perfect for industrial, commercial and personal use, design with professional-grade performance and portability.
    This dehumidifier has an operating temperature range of 33.8-105 degrees F and processes air at a rate of up to 324s cubic feet per minute (CFM).

    Easy Cord and Hose Storage

    For added convenience, the power cord and condensate hose stored on the top of the unit helps maximize your storage capacity.

    Easy Filter Access

    The standard filter is a MERV-8 Filter high efficiency filter. Replace as necessary- we recommend checking the filters at least 1year.

    Fold-down handle with wheels for transport

    Rotomolded housing, practically Indestructible. 2 Wheels and Fold-down Handle, Easy to transport anywhere high-efficiency dehumidification is needed.

    The water pump basin is attached to a 20' hose for removal of condensate across wide spaces.
    This dehumidifier has a 20' power cord for access to power supply across large spaces.
    AlorAir manufactures dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers for water damage restoration applications, They are commonly used for drying applications in the cleaning, building maintenance, and restoration industries.

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