ALORAIR 720 CFM High Flow Powered Crawl Space Ventilation Fan, IP55 Rated 10" Basements Vent Fan

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👍【Functions & Applications】Airflow: 720 CFM, ventilation type: air out. The High-Flow Powered Ventilator fan for damp crawl spaces, basement, attic and garage to reduce humidity. It can increase air circulation to stop condensation and wood rot. Also, used for exhausting vent radon gas, treating wood gases and odors, and preventing them from entering living spaces.

👍【Key Features】Built-in dehumidistat and freeze protection thermostat.👊 Operating humidity: 5%-80%RH, this Alorair Ventilator Fan will turn ON/OFF automatically with SET Humidity % Level. 👊The Dehumidistat control will not operate if the freeze protection thermostat senses low outdoor temperatures (35°F/3°C. ).  

👍【Built-in Isolation Mesh & IP-55 Rated Axial Fan】√  Isolation Mesh on the back prevents reptiles from gaining access to the crawl space; √ The Aluminum Zinc Shell with an IP-55 rating Axial Fan, is highly resistant to liquids and dust, higher weather-proof, makes it ideal for work in a humid environment with long service life, don't worry it rusts.

👍【Easy to Install & Operate Vent Fan】720 CFM Air Out; 16 x 11.1 x4.1 Inches; 115 Vac ~ 50/60 Hz; 0.7 Amps; Noise: <55dB.10-inch fan with 6-foot grounded power cord. When installed, Faceplate can be trimmed to match non-standard foundation openings. √ Just plug it in, set it and forget it.

👍【2 Years Warranty & safety tested】Our crawlspace ventilation fan is fully compliant with the electrical safety ETL. Every AlorAir crawl space fan comes with a 2-year warranty with a professional customer support team ready to assist at any time. If you have any questions, you can call us directly, ready to assist you.

Why do we need a crawl space ventilation fan?

  • Perpetually enclosed crawl spaces lack proper outdoor air circulation, leading to the accumulation of humid air within these areas. Over time, this persistent moisture can promote mold growth and cause wooden structures to decay, thereby undermining their structural stability. Furthermore, damp wood becomes a magnet for bothersome pests like insects and rodents, which chew and erode the wood, resulting in further damage.

    But that's not all. Airborne spores from the mold can infiltrate your living spaces through floors, crevices, and even HVAC systems located in the crawl space. This contamination creates indoor air pollution, posing a significant risk to the health and wellbeing of your family.

VentirPro 720 uses a 10-inch aerofoil fan, generating 720 CFM flow, to provide more efficient ventilation, and cover space up to 7400 cu. ft. Assists you in controlling the temperature and humidity levels of your space, making your crawlspace safe and comfortable, ideal for the basement, attic, garage and any space where air circulation is required.

Airflow: 720 CFM

Suitable Area: 5600-7400 cu. ft.

Noise: < 55 dBA

Power Cord: 5 Feets

Thermostat: Opens at 35°F

Operating Humidity: 5% to 80% RH

More Features

IP55 Rated Vet Fan

Extremely dustproof and waterproof, allowing stable operation in a variety of weather conditions. The 5-blade design makes the ventilation fan work with low noise.

Isolation Mesh

Add isolation mesh to prevent reptiles from entering the machine to affect normal operation and stop reptiles from crawling into your living space.

Physics Switch Dehumidistat

Features knob control panel without a complicated electronic interface, easy to set humidity for running, support 5%-80% RH control range.

Freeze Protection Thermostat

Built-in dehumidifier & freeze protection thermostat. The Dehumidifier control will automatically shut down to protect the machine if the freeze protection thermostat senses outdoor temperatures lower than 33°F/3°C.

Crawlspace Ventilation Fan Application

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