AlorAir 570CFM Stainless Steel Crawl Space Fan IP55 Rated Crawl Space Ventilation Fan with Thermostat, Built-In Isolation Net 8.1 Inch Foundation Vent Fan for Crawl Space, Basement, Garage, Attic, ETL

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The VentirMax 570S stainless steel crawl space ventilator is a high performance unit. Its air volume can be up to 570CFM and its coverage area can reach 950 square feet. It is often suitable for basements, attics, garages and other spaces. This fan has a built-in insulation mesh, which effectively prevents reptiles from entering, reduces humidity and extends the life of the unit. In addition, it is equipped with a frost protection thermostat. When the temperature is below 35 degrees, the fan automatically turns off. Besides, the fan has a simple control panel, which is easy for you to operate and use.

·Features intelligent control panel, easy to set humidity for running, support 10%-80% RH control range.
·Equipped with stainless steel insect nets, Prevents reptiles from entering fans and spaces more effectively.
·IP55 waterproof and dustproof features and stubborn stainless steel shell make it ideal for work in a humidity environment.
·Limited noise and quiet operation.
·Upgraded humidity-resistant motor.
·Built-in dehumidifier & freeze protection thermostat.
·The dehumidifier control will stop operating if the freeze protection thermostat senses low outdoor temperatures.

Freshen indoor air - If you're tired of smelly basements, you should install a ventilation fan. Ventilation fans help you keep the air inside your home fresh by removing airborne contaminants such as ammonia and other odor-causing chemicals to eliminate odors.

Prevents mold contamination - Mold and viruses can easily thrive in dark spaces. AlorAir crawl space ventilation fans keep your basement cool and dry with 570 CFM airflow. Especially if your basement has no windows, it can renew the air inside.

Helps bathroom cleaning - It is difficult to clean a bathroom thoroughly if there are always contaminants in the air. Installing a ventilation fan helps keep the bathroom clean and dust-free because it helps suck up dust and dirt from countertops and floors.

Cost Saving - Our high-power ventilation fans are compact and portable, and can increase air circulation in any room. This means you can install it in any space you need to dehumidify at the moment, and our panels can be trimmed to match non-standard foundation openings.

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