The signs of high humidity of your house

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For people who live in the places that tend to suffer from humidity, which can easily cause health problems, such as backaches, allergy, digestive problem, etc. We will give you the detailed introduction. How to detect the signs of high humidity of you house?In order to get rid of the trouble of humidity, some references are provided for the people who are in need.

  1. What is the manifestation of heavy humidity in the room?
  1. Housing performance

The high humidity in the room is heavy, and the most obvious manifestation is the specific situation of the house. Generally speaking, heavy humidity in the bedroom is manifested by mildew spots on the walls, a damp feeling on the mattress, and a musty smell in the air. The living room is in high humid. In some rainy days, you will see water the floor or tiles. If some furniture is place directly on the ground, the mold will breed in the rainy weather, which is the sign of humidity in the room.

  1. Human performance

Heavy humidity in the room will have a certain impact on human health. The main manifestation is that you will feel headache and tired, groggy, and sleepy. The high humidity in the room will cause harm to the human intestinal health. The stomach is prone to flatulence, and the stool is very thin, after the stool is discharged, it is easy to stick to the toilet, even if it is flushed with toilet water, it also can cause people to have greasy faces or greasy hair.

Pay attention to the signs of humidity in your house, keep the healthy living environment and lifestyle, love yourself, love your family.


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