The commercial application of dehumidifier

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Dehumidifiers are not only used in home, but also they are applied to the  commercial application, such as medical treatment, Industry, Cigarette and medicine factory, underground construction, computer room, or Archives room, and other places which suffer from high humidity, it will be cost-saving  if you choose a proper dehumidifier for these commercial environments.


Generally, the quality of products are also prone to be damaged in the humidity environments, then cause the loss.  There are much more mold and mildew in the places which suffer higher humidity, as a result, dehumidifier is in urgent need.

  • Medical treatment

Hospital needs to control the humidity range from 40-50. It provides the comfortable places for the breeding of bacteria and virus,  and it will be too dry if the humidity too low, so control the humidity in the proper range, provide healthy and comfortable environment for medical treatment.

  • Cigarette factory or Medicine factory

It is essential to control the humidity of Cigarette in order to avoid the damaging the quality of cigarette, otherwise it causes the loss of manufacturer.

Generally, medicine should be stored in the place which is no humidity, cause the chemical components, and it is necessary for us to provide the proper humidity and temperature environments when the factories are producing the medicine.

  • Computer room or other Telecommunication Apparatus factory

We know that all the electrical device are recommended to be put in the proper conditions which don’t have the humidity issues, in order to maintain the lifespan and efficiency of the equipment.  

  • Archives room

Maintain the level of humidity, protect the document from damaging, it reduces the chance of unnecessary accidents.

As mentioned above, take action to control the humidity of these space, not only can improve the productivity, but also the working efficiency of workers, offer a more comfortable and healthy working environments.  

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