Features of the most powerful commercial dehumidifier in history

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peaking of the most powerful dehumidifier, there is no doubt that ALORAIR® SENTINEL SLGR 1400X commercial dehumidifier 2 is currently the most powerful dehumidifier. He has a hard metal shell and is not afraid of any damage.

This powerful beast has the following characteristics

High performance and durability

The Sentinel SLGR 1400X commercial dehumidifier can extract 140 pints (18 gallons) of water per day at 80°F and 60% temperature! This is a real monster moisture extractor with an energy efficiency of 2.75 liters/kWh, 440 CFM, and covering 3,800 square feet.

Durable, using micro-channel condenser

 SLGR Microchannel Technology has Improved the Performance and Efficiency, the Alorair SLGR Technology Uses a Special Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger System to Help Bring the Air Closer to Dew Point Temperature Before it Passes over the Super-Cooled Evaporator Coils, Besides with the Combination of Microchannel Alu Condenser, Maximize the Capacity and Efficiency.

Super Features

 Designed This Commerical Dehumidifier With Pump, Washable MERV-10, and MERV-1. Rigid Handle Designed for Rugged Service, with 2 Wheels for Easy Movement.


Main design features


SLGR technology

Convenient storage of cables and drains

Condensate pump

Epoxy powder coating for corrosion protection

Quick access to internal services

Quick connector for drain pipe and cable

Larger capacity, lower power consumption

Heavy condensate pump

With a lifting distance of 14.7 feet, the condensate pump allows you to drain water freely anywhere.

Drain pipe height: 14.7 feet

Drain pipe: 19.6 feet

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