Excellent Ways to Protect Yourself from Dust Mite

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Dust mites are small creatures that are commonly found in places such as carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains, and beddings. There are so tiny that it is impossible to see them without a magnifying glass or microscope.  They have eight legs and belong to the family of spiders. Dust mites are known to be triggering allergies and asthma throughout the year. Some of the common symptoms of dust mite allergies are sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, cough, watery eyes, nasal congestion, and facial pressure and pain. Asthma, flu-like symptoms, rashes, trouble sleeping, and chest pain are other significant symptoms of dust mite presence at your home.

Here’s a look at the ways to protect your house from dust mite:

Cleaning home at regular intervals

The more you keep your house clean, the less likely it is to gather dust mites. It is recommended to vacuum the furniture, curtains, beddings, and carpet once a week or 10 days. Vacuuming helps in capturing even the smallest particles that spoil your indoor air quality. Dust your home and wipe it with a damp towel. Also, try to get rid of the clutter especially the places where dust collects.

Getting an air filter for home

You should speak with an HVAC technician so that he can let you know about the best air filter to keep the dust mites at bay. Invest in a quality air filter as a sub-standard or cheap quality air filter will trap only large particles. You should also check the air filter every 25 to 30 days and change it regularly. Hold the filter up in the light. If the light fails to pass easily from the filter, you need to clean or replace it.

Taking care of pillows and mattresses

The allergies caused by dust mites are commonly experienced by people while sleeping as there may be high levels of dust mites in your blankets, bed, and pillows. It is recommended to cover the mattresses and pillows with allergen-proof covers. The fabric in such covers is tightly woven which prevents the dust from getting in. These covers will help in improving your allergic condition and let you have a good night's sleep. Also, make sure you wash the bedding items once in a while with hot water and dry them under the warm sun.

Humidity at home

One of the main reasons for dust mite and allergies aggravating in summer is observed as these tiny creatures thrive in humid places. If there is more humidity at your place, it can attract pests, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Air-conditioners help in drying out the air inside your home, it is better to invest in an Alorair dehumidifier so that you can keep the humidity at bay throughout the years. One of the significant benefits of a dehumidifier is that it helps in maintaining the ideal humidity level throughout the year. It also observes the daily humidity levels and removes or adds moisture as required.

Getting an air scrubber for your home

Even if you have an air filter at your home, you should still invest in an air scrubber. In the recent past, air purification technology has evolved. You must speak with professionals to get an idea of the best air scrubbers available in the market. They not just purify your air but also help in removing the contaminants from your home. Now start investing in the best Alorair air scrubber on the market.

Cleaning the air duct

It has been stated by experts that one should get their air ducts inspected and cleaned by professionals every few years as it can help in improving the air quality of your home. It will also help in improving the HVAC performance and making your home cleaner. Thus, if you have not checked the air ducts in a while, it is time you do it immediately.

Ensure proper ventilation

Having a tight home may be ideal for saving energy but is vulnerable to poor quality of indoor air. If there is a lack of ventilation at your home, the stale air will remain inside of the home and make things worse. Invest in Alorair air movers to ensure good ventilation. Also make sure to keep both sides of the door and window open to ensure good ventilation.

By taking the above measures, the house can be protected from dust mites. These tips will help in combating the negative effects of impure indoor air quality. It is all the more important if you are suffering from asthma or allergies.

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