3 Tips to Help You Easily Solve The Dark, Damp and Mildew In Your Home

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Poor ventilation or frequent rain in the house can easily make the room damp and damp. Clothes and quilts can become sticky, moldy and smelly, and walls are also prone to mold, which will affect the mood and body, which is very annoying. In a humid environment, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, long-term living in it will cause dermatitis, eczema and other diseases. Especially in the rainy season, clothes and shoes are not easy to dry after washing. Mold will always appear on the quilts, clothes, shoes, walls, etc. in the house.
Regarding the situation where the environment where we live is often damp and moldy, although we cannot change the geographic location, climate and environment, we can use the following simple and effective methods to avoid dampness, quilts, clothes, shoes, etc. in the home.

What can we do?

1. Remove moisture from the air

The reason why household items are damp and moldy is largely related to the air being too humid. To fundamentally solve the damp and moldy situation in the house, the first thing is to reduce the humidity in the air and make the indoor air dry.
You can use XX dehumidifier, which can reduce the humidity in the air faster, and at the same time has the advantages of fast drying, no damage to clothes, and odor removal, which fully meets your needs for dehumidification. After setting it in normal use, it can automatically dehumidify, which is very easy and convenient.

2. Clothes dehumidification and mildew proof

Living in a damp and cold environment, clothing is not easy to dry, and it will become damp and moldy after drying in a cabinet. Clothes that are damp and moldy are prone to breed a lot of bacteria. These bacteria can also easily cause people to change into diseases such as dermatitis and eczema, which greatly affects health.
It is recommended to put a desiccant in the wardrobe. Of course, if you think this is too troublesome, you only need to invest in a XX dehumidifier, which can easily remove the moisture in the air so that the moisture will not go to the clothes again.

3. Shoes dehumidification and mildew proof

Not only will the south be humid and moldy, but also in the cold and humid winter in the north. Shoes are difficult to dry, which not only affects normal wear, but also affects their service life.
It is much more convenient if you have a shoe dryer at home, which can dry shoes quickly.

For friends who often sweat and live in a humid environment, putting a desiccant in the shoes is a good choice. The desiccant is effective in absorbing sweat, deodorizing, preventing moisture and mildew, and is easy to use.



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