AlorAir® 780 CFM Crawl Space Ventilator Fan, IP55 Rated Exhaust Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller, Timing Cycle, Speed Control

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The VentirMax 780SD ventilation fan is made of a robust stainless steel construction with an IP-55 protection rating, which prevents condensation and rust and thus ensures a longer service life. A barrier grille prevents flying insects and reptiles from entering and interfering with the proper operation of the appliance. With a built-in dehumidifier to help dry out the humidity and a memory function to automatically start and shut off, you can use the appliance in basements, attics, warehouses and more without worry.

· Easy to read operation panel
· Temperature, humidity and time can all be set
· Built-in dehumidifier to assist in reducing humidity
· Suitable for reducing humidity in 1300 Sq.Ft space.
· IP55-rated ventilation fan (dust and splashproof)
· Limited noise and quiet operation 55dBA
· Compact and small, can easily install within a few steps
· Thoughtful addition of barrier mesh to prevent crawlers from entering and affecting the operation
· Adjustable humidity range of 5%-80% RH to meet different environmental needs

Combating Impurities - Dust and impurities often accumulate in enclosed spaces. Our 7-blade high-airflow fan creates a powerful ventilation system that helps you get rid of bacteria, moisture and unpleasant odors.
Reduce Humidity - Extreme humidity causes walls to peel and paint to deteriorate. It can also lead to mold growth, which is more difficult to remove. One of the main benefits of exhaust fans is that they can improve humidity levels with a built-in dehumidifier.
Protects Health - Proper ventilation significantly reduces indoor air pollution and provides fresh, clean air, which reduces the risk of headaches, allergies, asthma and other respiratory health problems.
Quiet Operation - With a noise level of just 55 decibels, it doesn't make any droning noises. Whether it's installed in the bathroom, attic or basement, its independent operation will never interrupt your activities!

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