AlorAir Wholesale Pack PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber for Water Damage Restoration (Pack of 5/15/50)

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【Advanced UV-C Light Technology】: An air scrubber is essential to improve the air quality in any room in your home or at work. Surprisingly, Our newly developed air scrubber also has built-in UV-C Light. UV-C light technology works with filters to enhance the elimination of airborne pollutants, and decompose remaining odor molecules caused by smoking, cooking, and pets.

【Higher Purify Performance】: ALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber adopts an Upgraded Motor to create stronger airflow, up to 750 CFM with Variable Speed as a Portable HEPA Air Purifier. It can be used with up to 3 levels of filtration, Pre-filters, 2 in 1 Activated Carbon/HEPA Filters. This way, you can be certain the entire room is benefiting from cleaner air.

【Air Machine for Water Damage Restoration】: PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 structured compact, makes it easy to move from one room to the next and is made from Rotomolded Plastic for maximum durability. This Air machine has a Filter change light, an Hour Meter Display, a daisy chain GFCI Duplex, Stackable, and variable speed control and regulator. These features allow you to keep track of the conditions of your work environment.

【Commerical Grade Air Purifilters】ALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber Ideal for home repair and construction sites, sewage remediation, water, and fire damage restoration, Get Rid of Pesky Smells to improve indoor home air quality.

【10-YEAR Warranty】: 10-year housing and 1-year parts and labor warranty. We stand by our quality product and We believe in quality and after-sales service, It is sure to last long and still keep its shape look. CERTIFICATE NO: Carb EO# G-20-259. EPA Registration # 99216-CHN-1.

4 in-1 True HEPA Filter & UV-C Light Air Scrubber

The HEPA Pro 970 is a convenient filtration system that cleans the air. It features a highly effective 3 Stage Filtration System, Pre Filter, HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter. The air scrubber features UV-C light technology that works with filters.

Clean air should be everywhere, not just near the purifier. Combat Seasonal Allergies. 3-Stage Filtration system Effectively destroys dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne irritants. UV-C light technology works with filters, captures, and destroys pollutants to ensure the whole room benefits from purified air.

Key Design Features:
The Portable air scrubber and negative pressure machine have a 16-inch air intake, larger than any competitor's units. The Airflow is up to 750 CFM. This way, you can be certain the entire room is benefiting from cleaner air.

During water/flood restoration, construction, crawlspaces and attics, home repairs, remodels, painting, sewage, mold remediation, and water and fire damage restoration. It is perfect for a salon or print shop.

Designed with you in mind:
1. Switch for Regulating Air Flow
Simple to use
2. Two Sockets for the daisy chair
Auxiliary outlet
3. Sturdy Hasp Ensures Stability
The carry handle easily moves from room to room
4. It is a bigger air intake than any competitor's units.
Airflow up to 750 CFM
5. Hour Meter
Used to time the running time of the device

Lightweight, compact, and Roto molded polyethylene housing design.
Power-on indicator light.
Filter change indicator light.
Ease of stacking during storage and handling. 
Size for (Sq. Ft): 1100 Sq. Ft
Size for (Cu. Ft): 7500 Cu. Ft

Air Scrubber Machine with UV-C Light technology, 750 CFM x5

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