AlorAir 4 Pack Zeus 900 Air Mover Commercial Blower for Carpets, Walls, Plumbing Use, Variable Speed Floor Blower Fan, 950 CFM with 1.8 Amps, Circuit Breaker Protection, on-Board Duplex GFCI, Yellow

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ALORAIR ZEUS 900 Air Mover

The ALORAIR ZEUS 900 features focused airstream of 950 CFM and a lightweight stackable designed to fit in vehicle space, on-board duplex GFIC outlet, circuit breaker, and superior cord management. Half the height of standard carpet dryers and draws just 1.8 amps! With the ZEUS 900's high velocity airflow, you can rapidly dry the largest area or tackle any problems with five versatile positions.

5-AIR FLOW Position:

The Zeus 900 Air Movers can be used in different positions depending on the direction you want your air flow and they are the tilt back position which creates laminar air flow to the floor, tilt forward and thereby direct air upwards, face down position directly sends air to the floor, face up position directs air to the ceiling and stacking for operation enables you to run two units simultaneously for better results.