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Alorair MaxFireDry 200 Heater

  • $2,199.00
  • Save $500.00

The ALORAIR MaxFireDry 200 portable electric heat drying system with 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 26 durable stainless steel housing, features 4 power receptacles for connection to common 120VAC outlets. The ALORAIR MaxFireDry 200 can output up to 20,000 BTUs of clean, safe heat at 250 CFM. Double-walled, Screened Enclosure for Heating Elements, the operation is safer.

Simplified user controls include a large LCD display and Remote Thermostat. Remote thermostat control helps you control the indoor temperature easily and conveniently.

Sturdy handles and compact housing allow for units to be stacked together for both storage and easy transportation.

In the drying room, the internal temperature safety switch ensures the safety of the machine during operation.

It is the best choice for work sites that require heating. The drying process is very fast and you can trust it completely.