About us

AlorAir's philosophy is to provide industry-leading features, superior performance, and outstanding customer service. We achieve this through world-class manufacturing capabilities, extensive research and development facilities, and a dedicated team of experts to support you throughout the sales process and beyond.

Our product line has two primary markets - basements and crawl spaces, and flood and water restoration.

For the flood restoration market, we offer a full line of dehumidifiers - both horizontal and vertical. Our dehumidifiers offer industry-leading features, multiple capacity options and easy maintenance. To complement our dehumidifiers, we also offer air movers and HEPA scrubbers to help with drying and water remediation.

Our crawl space and basement units also have industry-leading features like digital controls, easy access, plug-and-play components, and even an integrated condensation pump on our horizontal crawl space unit. They also have a compact, lightweight design, multiple filter options, remote control and ductwork options that installers and customers can take advantage of.

AlorAir products have various certifications depending on their intended use, including CE, ETL SAA, SGS and TUV. Our products are designed, developed and tested to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Our engineers are constantly working to incorporate new levels of performance and features to continue to achieve industry leading standards.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to deliver innovative products that offer maximum performance and value.
AlorAir pledges to use the best resources, technology, equipment and customer service to achieve this mission for our customers.


Please call us if you have any questions about your equipment or humidity control needs.