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ALORAIR® Wholesale packs zeus 900 air movers (pack of 6)

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AlorAir Zeus 900 Air Mover (×6)

The ZEUS 900 air mover with unique patent-pending airflow technology bring innovation revolution in the industry!
The ZEUS 900 features focused airstream that can almost be 950 cfm and a lightweight stackable designed to fit in vehicle space, on-board duplex GFIC outlet, circuit breaker, and superior cord management.
The ZEUS 900, half the height of standard carpet dryers and draws just 1.9 amps! With the ZUES 900's high velocity airflow, you can rapidly dry the largest area, or tackle any problems with five versatile positions.
C-ETL Certification
Fan: 6 Blades
Air Volume: 950 CFM
Voltage: 115 V 60 HZ
Amp Draw: 1.9 Amps (High Speed)
Cord: 20 ft
Weight: 19.2 Lbs
Dimension: 17.4"×9.85"×21.65"
Warranty: 1 Year - 100% Parts and Labor (All Components)
2 Years - 100% Parts Only (All Components)
3-7 Years - Materials and Workmanship of the Housing Only.

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