Heat Drying Systems

As children, most of us grew up hearing the saying, "Good night, don’t let the bedbugs bite!"
Thanks to amazing advances in pesticide development over the last 50 years, bed bugs have been nearly eradicated. Unfortunately, there has been a significant resurgence of bed bugs in the last 5 years, and research has shown that bed bugs are now more resistant than ever to the most common insecticides.

So how can we deal with the resurgence of bed bugs?

The AlorAir MaxFireDry 200 Heater is equipped with a remote control and an insulated tent system. This system is quick and easy to install, and its innovative tent design provides maximum performance without disturbing other guests or neighbors.

Since no chemicals are required, these pest control heaters pose no risk to the health or safety of your family or guests.

Our powerful FireWaving 200 heater features a heavily insulated tent to ensure the optimal temperature is reached quickly. It features a clear display with a user-friendly interface and has a smart-cool/after-cooler design that gradually lowers the temperature once the job is done. This allows you to protect your household items such as furniture and collectibles while eliminating unwanted pests.

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