AlorAir Basement Dehumidifier 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Drain Hose | Sentinel HD35P

  • $466.11


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i Product Overview


70 pints basement dehumidifier- The crawl space dehumidifier quickly and effectively removes 70 pints of water per day (90 degrees Fahrenheit, 90% saturation).Removes 35 pints in the case of AHAM. Suitable for any basement, crawlspace, storage area, garage, large room, or commercial use.It can be used in a space of up to 1,000 Sq.ft. With GLGR technology, air humidity can be controlled more precisely. Coupled with the professional certification of Energy Star, it ensures energy savings and saving money while bringing you a good life experience.

Designed for modern homes-The MERV-1 filter traps up to 95% of pollutants from the air and helps reduce dust to protect the unit’s vital components. Protect internal components from dust when dehumidifying while working while outputting fresh and dry air.

Full-featured- To your satisfaction, we designed this professional dehumidifier with the modern consumer in mind. Fast and efficient automatic defrost function allows the dehumidifier to be used even in low-temperature environments. The noise emitted by the dehumidifier when it is running is less than 55 decibels. Has a memory function that automatically restarts and closes.