How to Neutralize Smoke and Odor?

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Smoke whether it rises from your fireplace or cigarette smoking, its long existence in your home results in the worst odor. A similar stuffy smell is also common in your car if you are a regular cigarette smoker. Slowly this odor gets impregnated into your fibers of upholstery, carpet, and clothing. At home, it is important to take care of the fireplace and ensure that it is working properly and does not produce unnecessary smoke.

But if you find signs of the unusual odor of smoke in your home then the following are some tips that help in neutralizing it.

Get rid of smoke smell in cars

Generally, the smell of smoke in a car is due to cigarette smoking. To neutralize it, you can simply dust your car with the scented baking soda. Leave it for a day or two and then vacuum it. You can also use coffee beans, it works as the natural odor neutralizer.

Get rid of smoke in the home

  • Use Vinegar

The smoke odor is due to the leftover resins and tars of fire. To get rid of it, the best remedy is vinegar. Vinegar has an acid that removes the resin and tar and cleans the surface of the non-fabric surfaces. It is very helpful in removing or reducing the smell of cigarette smoke.

  • Use a wet towel

Waving a wet towel around a room is the cheapest and the easiest way of getting rid of those unusual smells. A wet towel soaks the smoke particles from the surrounding air and reduces the smoky smell from the room.

  • Wash all the surfaces

You can easily eradicate the smell of retained smoke by cleaning the affected surface. Although it eats away a lot of time it reduces the smoke smell too much extent. To wipe the surface, prepare the solution of warm water, vinegar, soda, and ammonia. It is very useful and displays effective results.

  • Sprinkle baking soda

Baking soda is very useful and a natural ingredient that works effectively to remove that unusual smell of smoke from your home. Sprinkle baking soda over the floor and carpet and vacuum it after an hour.

  • Re-Carpet your floor

Carpets easily absorb the smell of smoke and therefore that musty smell of the smoke retains if you forget to clean your carpet. If you also encounter an annoying smell, then it is time to clean your carpet. Shampooing and recarpeting your floor help in removing the smoke smell. You can either purchase a steam cleaner and shampoo the carpet yourself or can hire a professional who performs all the needful jobs.

  • Clean all the upholstery

Cleaning and washing of shades, curtains, and fixtures remove the smoke odor. These fabric materials have a deposited resin and tar that need to remove to obtain efficacious results. Remove all the curtains and dip them in the washer, wipe the other essential things with ammonia to make the surroundings clean and fresh.

  • Allow the fresh air to enter your home

Circulation of fresh and clean air is one of the best ways of removing the smoke smell and odor from a home. To allow the fresh air to enter your home, open all the doors and windows at least twice a week, or you can invest in Alorair air movers to circulate fresh air and enhance air circulation.. The airflow escapes the tar and resin particles and makes your living area lively and fresh.

  • Use odor removal products

There are many odor removal products available in the market. Try to choose the one that has cleansing property and odor removal characteristics. A scented product only masks the smell and works only for a few hours. A product containing cyclodextrin is the best to use and shows the impactful result. It cleans the odor and absorbs all the material that causes the odor in the room.

  •  Use air scrubbers

The Alorair air scrubber has an advanced three-stage filtration system, which can purify the air vertically and horizontally to make your house dust-free and the activated carbon filter helps eliminate smoke and peculiar smells in the house.

  • Use dehumidifiers

Alorair dehumidifiers can not only reduce the humidity level of your house, but they are also equipped with filters that can help you clean the air in your house and transform your home environment into a sufficiently dry, healthy and comfortable environment.

A good smell in your room creates positivity and attracts people to visit your home. Just like a bad odor of your body affects your mood and behavior similarly a stink in your room can also play a significant role in determining your lifestyle. It is therefore important to clean your room and do all the needful that is essential to bring positivity to your life.

The above-discussed options are some of the simple and easy ways that create a good smell and help you in getting rid of that dank and irresistible odor of smoke in your car and home. Practice these DIY and make your home the best place to live for you and for your loved ones.

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