Healthy Related Reasons to Get a Alorair Dehumidifier for Your Home

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A dehumidifier is the widely used units in many homes. Here are the benefits you will enjoy by using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity hence removing mold and also reducing its growth.

1. Damper to drier-A home is supposed to be a warm, cozy place. However, the last thing you would want in your home is damp and feel uncomfy. Dampness in the air is the worst kind of dampness in existence and this can cause the growth of mold in your house. The best way to avoid this is to purchase a Alorair dehumidifier and this machine will bring about a comfy and cool house to call home.

2. Eradicates mildew and mold-Your homes is the best area for the growth of mold. It has been proven that mold and mildew is the root cause of many health-associated problems including breathing problems like allergic reactions and asthma, not only that, frequent exposure to mold and mildew is reported to result to disorders in the nervous system and depression. But after installing a Alorair dehumidifier you will not have to deal with the problem of mold and mildew ever.

3. Never ever have to deal with musty smells- A musty odor occurs due to excess humidity which gives leads to the growth of mold and mildew. The fungi release foul gases, which are absorbed by surrounding, walls, fabrics, and furniture. This very frustrating and damaging to the comfortability of your home. However, installing a Alorair dehumidifier in the areas with musty-smelling places is real magic because it absorbs the excess moisture and removes the bad odors in the bud. 

4. Prevents the growth of dust mites- While dust mites are microscopic, they cause people to feel disgusted. These microscopic organisms are invisible occupants of your mattresses, curtains, bedspreads, carpets, and rags. While they exist in almost every homestead, they multiply in numbers causing large numbers of dust mite allergic reactions. The solution to all this is installing a Alorair dehumidifier which will greatly help you eradicate them by more than half.

5. Family Health is wealth- Benefits attained from installing a Alorair dehumidifier add up to the better living environment and a healthy home environment. As you know dehumidifiers are not only air purifiers, but greatly contributes in various ways to reducing the level of impure air.

6. Condensation is reduced- In many homes condensation is a major problem. Even water heating, showers, cooking, and baths often cause condensation. This condensation results in damp and creates patches on walls, peeling of wallpapers, shrinking of wood and many more. To avoid this situation install a Alorair dehumidifier that will greatly help in reducing and regulating moisture levels in your home.

7. Provides protection to your home- A home is so far the best place to be in and everyone expected it to be comfy and feel free. A Alorair dehumidifier helps not only your family but also preserves the decor you have bought and use in making your home a cool and better place.

8. To people who experience Asthma Attacks Dehumidifiers helps Prevent them -It is proven that people with asthma problems were exposed to mold during the time of their childhood. This exposure resulted in respiratory problems during their teenage and adult years and this triggers asthma attacks in their adulthood. Asthma attacks can also be triggered and caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in carpets, dust mites, central heating, and furniture cleaning products, and residue from repairs and house remodeling. Alorair dehumidifiers are very beneficial in preventing and reducing asthma attacks because they eliminate common asthma triggers such as mold mites, VOC and residue from house remodeling.

9. Dehumidifiers Reduce Odors Accumulated from Mold- Inhaling mold spores is very dangerous as things bring about lungs and intestinal infects, and this is particularly uncomfortable and this results to you and your family inhaling the bad odor that comes with it. However, it is a good thing to smell the odor because you will be sure that your house is infested by mold and will be motivated to eliminate it. Strong odor can come with mildew and mold. This odor mostly comes from carpeting, walls, furniture, and sinks in your home. However, no need to worry because a Alorair dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air and regulates the humidity in your house. Which eventually lingers around mildew concentration zones and spots and spread the fungus.

10. Dehumidifiers Soothe Skin- Recent research has shown that the development of eczema has increased by 20%. The major  triggers of this skin condition are as follows:

  • Fierce itching.
  • Inflammation.
  • Infection in the skin.

The reasons for this skin breakouts happens due to the skin constantly exposed to irritants such as dust mites, soap, detergents and much more. When eczema occurs, the fat that maintains water or moisture in the skin leaks out hence leaving the skin cracked and dry. This exposes the skin making it prone to penetration by allergens and irritants. However, as a way to soothe your skin under this condition, it is recommended that you keep your house humidity below 70% through the use of a Alorair dehumidifier. With this humidity levels, irritants such as dust mites and mold will be reduced, which will help conserve and protect your skin from agitations hence soothe it.

11. Dehumidifiers Improve Immune -Human’s immune is a body system that protects the body from microorganisms that are responsible for developing and causing diseases.It has been very hard to decipher the simplest way to fully boost your immune system because it is made up of several parts with sub-parts that are not easy to fully study and implement. However, some factors include exercise, habits of diet, stress, and age. These elements in our lifestyles or daily routine are off and sometimes affect our immune system negatively, thus exposing you to susceptible diseases hence making you sick. However, if you start eating everything in moderation your immune system will get back on track. This will be achieved through exercising regularly and keeping your tension under control. Other irritants of a person’s immune system are airborne allergens, in which their remedy is by using a Alorair dehumidifier. These devices allow you to comfortably have a cool comfy environment in your home, which entirely improves your immune system and relieves your stress.

12. Dehumidifiers preserves and keeps Dry Foods like Cereals Fresh and Breads - Dry foods, such as cereals, bread, grains,  cake mix, and powder become sometimes become too moist and they start to go bad and eventually mold, making them poisonous and inedible. These foods even develop crystallization, mottling, and stickiness making them look not unpleasant. When they eventually dry out, they crack, split and crumbly, all of which also make it inedible.Research has shown that dry foods can be kept fresher for a longer time when there is a Alorair dehumidifier installed in the pantry, or wherever you store dry goods. Air is regulated and kept at favorable humidity level by reducing the moisture level in the air hence preventing mold to develop on any surface or food.

13. Dehumidifiers Prevent Gastrointestinal Issues- It is very natural to avoid moldy foods because of their disgusting look, consuming them will bring about illness and use of unbudgeted finance. Mold can give digestive problems and may not always be apparent to the naked eye.By consuming food that has mold on it you will be introducing mold spore in your body which is a health hazard agent. This happens when you have mold in your home. Mold can also be introduced into your body without realizing it and enter your system when you eat without washing your hands, bite your fingernails or touching your mouth. After ingesting mold gastrointestinal start occurring and cropping issues include:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Bleeding in the stomach.
  • Fungal infection in the intestines like candidiasis.

To avoid these issues, you should get the lid of food that is not fresh and wash your hands frequently. To assist in this install a Alorair dehumidifier to get rid of the mold and mildew.

14. Dehumidifiers Prevent Rust-Your electronics, computer equipment, and tools will rust if the air is too humid in your house. When rust occurs, certain machines and objects will develop some issues may not work properly. Let’s put electronics aside, everyday objects that you hardly consider or think about but are always in use can rust. Such objects include hinges and door frames which prevent doors from closing if the wood is warped and the metal is rusted. Vehicles if rusted can be severely damaged as well. We recommend using a Alorair dehumidifier in areas where these objects are kept which removes potentially harmful moisture from the air making the objects safe from rust. Alorair dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, keeping objects from developing rust.

15. Dehumidifiers Keep Insects Out- In damp areas, small insects enjoy. Therefore, these insects may be found in homes that have high levels of humidity, particularly in the bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms and crawl spaces. Alorair basement dehumidifiers are the best suited to keep insects out in such areas.

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