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Mike O’Halloran once said that “So, have a piece of chocolate today and feel like a queen or king!”

When you place a piece of chocolate on your tongue, It starts to melt, and the creamy texture and milky/buttery aroma will invade into my sensations.

Cargill surveyed 600 US grocery shoppers and found that approximately one-third of customers increased their chocolate consumption during the pandemic. And according to the National Confectioner Association’s data indicates that the retail sales of chocolate have increased 17.9%.

Chocolate has a significant market all over the world with high demands. Meanwhile, it’s a popular and growing business with a high-quality production standard. However, chocolate is a sensitive product, and like all the confectioners, it’s hygroscopic and easily affected by the changing humidity.

If you can’t guarantee the quality of your products, there will be no profit. In addition, maintaining ideal humidity levels is key to ensuring product quality for pharmaceutical, plastics, food and confectionery, tobacco, cold storage, and other industries. Running a dehumidifier keeps the product at the desired humidity level to prevent odors, frosting, and mold growth. In addition, it can enhance the quality and durability of products (Tb, 2020). Otherwise, the chocolate melts or becomes sticky when it gets wet.

The blowing condition often happens if the humidity is out of control

  1. Poor quality and stale expiration dates can lead to a bad customer experience
  2. Labour for packaging and storage increases
  3. Equipment is damaged and may need to be shut down or repaired
  4. Increasing costs and decreasing revenue
  5. Hygiene standards cannot be maintained, and customer confidence is lost, damaging the company’s reputation.

A good dehumidifier can give you a leg up to capture the chocolate market share. Running the dehumidifier can reduce the humidity level and ensure all the ingredients are good. Otherwise, as Rawat points out, the air, high humidity, and high temperatures during storage can increase the chances of food spoiling.

ALORAIR is the manufacturer and supplier of dehumidification and water damage restoration equipment in this industry. For two decades, ALORAIR has been challenging itself to become a leader in the industry. We have innovative design methods, the latest dehumidification technology, the highest quality raw materials, and a group of professional people. So, we have successfully developed WiFi Control Technology, SLGR technology, and Rare Earth Alloy Tube Evaporator. Our products have received Energy Saving Star and ETL certification.

We offer a wide range of services and products. Our commercial dehumidifier is perfect for chocolate making. Making chocolate requires strict humidity control, as the first step in making chocolate is to dry the cocoa bean reducing its water content to 7.5%. In addition, the indoor temperature should be kept below 24-27 ℃, and the relative humidity should be 50% throughout the process. Ensure that the moisture is controlled during the packaging process to prevent frosting. Finally, chocolate develops white discoloration “blooms” on its surface, consisting of fat and sugar crystals. Since chocolate absorbs water during storage, this affects its texture.

Our storm pro commercial dehumidifier is your best choice, and the humidity control ensures all the ingredients are in good condition. It’s easy to use when plugged in and can dehumidify an area of 2,300 square feet. Also, it’s WiFi-enabled and can be placed anywhere in the factory. In addition, storm pro can remove up to 85 pints of water per day, effectively preventing mold and other harmful microorganisms from developing. In addition, using a dehumidifier can ensure every stage is processed in the right way. And it can make chocolate in the production, packaging, storage process to meet the hygiene standards and quality requirements. What’s more, running a dehumidifier protects the machine from condensation, achieving cost savings by reducing additional maintenance and running costs. More importantly, this also enables chocolate to be delivered in quality and quantity, maintaining the company’s image.

Therefore, investing in one of our dehumidifiers is the best investment to save time and money. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



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