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Any homeowner whose house has a crawl space understands its importance. A crawl space greatly decreases the chance of the house flooding and provide additional storage space. The crawl space, however, requires to be insulated and proper ventilation to ensure it remains in good condition.

What are the effects of humidity to the crawl space?

If there is high humidity in the crawl space, the moisture condenses on the walls and floor. This provides a great atmosphere for mold, mildew, and fungus to grow.

  • The fungus accelerates the rate of decay of the floor and walls. This greatly affects the structural integrity of the house. This decreases the value of the house and produces an odor.
  • Mold and mildew contaminate the air in the crawl space. Mold spores if inhaled can trigger asthma attacks and allergies.

Buying a crawl space dehumidifier will fix all the humidity issues in the crawl space.

How does a crawl dehumidifier work?

A crawl space dehumidifier extracts moisture from the crawl space and maintains the air dry. Air is sucked into the dehumidifier and passed over coolant coils. Here the moisture condenses and it is collected in the tray. The dry air is then pulled back to the crawl space. This process is done till the levels of humidity are below 50%.

Is there a difference between a normal dehumidifier and a crawl space dehumidifier? - Yes, the crawl space dehumidifier is designed to keep operating fully even at very low temperatures. In the winter when it is very humid the temperatures fall drastically. The crawl space dehumidifier is equipped with de-freezing features that allow it to keep operating even at 10 degrees.

What size of crawl space dehumidifier do you need?

To know the right size of the crawl space dehumidifier, you must understand the capacity and air change per hour(ACH) you require.

The capacity is the amount of water(measured in pints) that the crawl space dehumidifier is able to extract in 24 hours. A smaller crawl space will require a smaller capacity dehumidifier depending on the level of humidity.

air change per hour(ACH) is the amount of air the dehumidifier is able to process per hour. If the crawl space level of humidity is high it will require a dehumidifier with a higher air change per hour(ACH).

Here is a detailed guide on how to choose the right crawl space dehumidifier

Here are the best crawl space dehumidifiers in the market today :

  1. Alorair sentinel HD55 dehumidifier. – This is the perfect dehumidifier for small size crawl space. Energy star approved. It can extracts up to 55 pints of water a day for the least amount of energy consumption in the market. Engineered to remain fully operational even in low temperatures.

Design features include :

  • Remote humidistat design ideal small crawl spaces.
  • Hot gas valve defrosting system.
  • HVAC remote system.
  • Remote control equipped.
  • Coated coils with the stainless side plate.
  • Small and easy to install.
  1. Alorair SLGR 1400X dehumidifier. – perfect large size crawl spaces. Offers more capacity for less power consumption. Has a drain hose and a water pump that drains the water automatically to a safe place outside the crawl space.

Design features include :

  • Energy star approved.
  • SLGR technology.
  • Quick access to internal service.
  • Epoxy powder coating for corrosion protection.
  • Has air purifiers that clean mold spores, mildew, and odor from the air.
  • Able to operate at low temperatures.
  • Internal corrosion protection for durability.

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