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About the Product Operation:

How do dehumidifiers work?

My dehumidifier doesn't work, what can I do?

What should I do with the loud noise when the unit functions

I'm getting some kind of readout code on my control panel. Where can I find a list of error codes?

About Product Service:

How to Select 110V or 220V Dehumidifier

How to select a Duct Version of Crawlspace dehumidifier

What is the service life of the AlorAir dehumidifier?

What safety certifications (CE, ETL, CSA, etc) do AlorAir products carry?

Where can I find manual for my AlorAir equipment?

Are there any critical points for dehumidifier storage in winter?

Where can I get the parts for my dehumidifier?

Where can I get my AlorAir product serviced?

What is AlorAir's return policy?

How should I ship my equipment?

Trouble Shooting

How to Maintenance the dehumidifier when error happens

Unit doesn’t work

Fan operates while compressor doesn’t operate

Fan doesn’t operate

Automatic defrosting doesn’t operate

Frequent starting of unit

Small amount of water removal

Water pump doesn’t drain water


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