AlorAir Optional Remote Controller for Digital Humidity, Temperature, Adapt the Humidity Level, for Crawl Space Basement Dehumidifier Sentinel HD55 HD90 HDi90 SLGR 1400X, White

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Compare the dehumidifiers used by the old and new controllers

The Remote Controller connects to the dehumidifier via a 25' CAT 5 cable. In addition to monitoring surrounding conditions, the remote control contains an integrated sensor that offers multiple options for remote controlling your unit.

The remote control can be used in those 2 ways:
Install the dehumidifier in one room and then duct it to another room that has the remote control mounted on the wall. So the unit can adapt to the humidity level.
When your unit is installed in the crawl space, the remote controller can be mounted in your living space or garage. This realizes the long-distance humidity controlling and intelligent monitoring of the unit simultaneously.

        (系列一)                   (系列二) 

                        (Series 1)                                                  (Series 2)

When the back of the controller you receive is shown in figure (Series 2), the controller you receive is Series 2.

You can switch the optional remote control by mode, which is suitable for different ALORAIR dehumidifiers.

Mode 1 is suitable for the following models:       

Sentinel HD55 White dehumidifier            Sentinel HD55 Blue dehumidifier                   

Sentinel HD90 dehumidifier                      Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier

Sentinel HDi100 dehumidifier                   Sentinel HDi120 dehumidifier

Sentinel SLGR 1400X dehumidifier

Mode 2 is suitable for the following models: 

Sentinel HD55 Gold dehumidifier

     (Mode 2)

                       (Mode 1)                                                (Mode 2)

Optional remote controller mode switching guide (Series 2)

Step 1: Pry open the cover.

Step 2: Pull out the red jumper cap and connect the pin holder according to your model

For example Sentinel, HDi65, and Sentinel HD55 Gold are connected to the WIFI New header, and other models are connected to the OLD holder.

Step 3: Close the back cover of the controller. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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User Manual

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