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Floor Drying Solution for Kitchen Room

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The kitchen is a unique space in your home or hotel. A dry floor is an essential feature for both commercial and home kitchens. Kitchen floors are prone to wetness, an aspect that creates a health hazard to you. There are various causes of a damp kitchen floor and include tap leakage, fluid spills, sink splashes while washing dishes and kitchen roof leakage when it is raining.

In your home, you will find that there are many users of the kitchen and some are unexpected. Children will hide in the kitchen during their hide-and-seek game and pets will run through the kitchen. You will also find your visitors visiting your kitchen to clean their hands. They all need to interact with a clean and dry kitchen that will not attract slipping and falling risks. Hotel kitchens also need to provide safety for your employees.

There are various methods available to keep your kitchen dry. Here are easy ways to keep your kitchen floor clean and dry.

1. Water pump

A water pump will be useful when the kitchen floor is severely flooded.   Water can leak from the kitchen sink and cause water flooding. Since you cannot buy a water pump for a single use, rent it from a hardware store. Set the water pump in the standing water and run the hose to a drainage area. Run the water pump until you spot no standing water.

2. Mop or Towel Drying

A dry mop or towel can help you parch floor faster than other methods. You merely need to run the mop or cloth on the floor using bare hands. Ensure to wear hand gloves to protect your hands from objects lying on the floor like pins. Hand gloves also protect you from contamination. Dry towels drain water quickly and easily.

3. Fan Drying

A fan can be a useful drying agent as it circulates air. When your kitchen atmosphere is humid, the rotating effect of a fan dries the floor. How? A fan cools the air. When the moist air is cooled, more moisture evaporate leaving your floor dry. Fan drying is a moderate method of drying your kitchen floor. A fan is best suited for the kitchen since it is the hottest space in a building. A fan blows the warm air around, and the moisture is carried away by the warm air.

4. Air Drying

This method does not require human or machine intervention. You leave your kitchen floor to dry naturally. You can use it if you are patient enough as it is time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is the most affordable method as it incurs no cost. You don’t need to buy any tool or hire a machine.

5. Drying with an Air Mover or Air Blower

Air movers are a very convenient way of drying kitchen floors. They dry using concentrated airflow and high pressure. They provide three drying speeds from which you can choose what suits you best. Air movers significantly reduce floor drying time by their fast drying power. They are environment-friendly gadgets as they don't produce noise while drying. They are stackable for easy storage and portability.

6. Drying with a Dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier to dry your kitchen floor can be the fastest and safest way. They absorb moisture from the air and condense it into the water. The repetitive action of absorbing moisture from the atmosphere causes more moisture evaporation. In no time, your kitchen floor dries up. Unlike the fans and other drying gadgets, a dehumidifier helps to keep the air dry. Therefore, it guards your room against moisture-related problems like asthma, dust mites and molds.

With the handful list of kitchen floor drying solutions available, don’t be perturbed. Maintaining a dry kitchen floor is potentially achievable. Let the comfort of your kitchen prevail and also keep your dependants free from health risks.

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