Effects of Water Damage

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Water damage is one of the most dreadful and expensive problems any homeowner can encounter. It does not matter the size of the flood, even minor flooding is not dried out immediately has the potential to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

There can be several causes of water damage. Heavy rains and snow melting does significantly increase the risk of water damage to your property.

Other causes may include :

  • cracked foundations.
  • sump pump failures.
  • leaky roof.
  • leaking plumbing.
  • overflowing sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines.
  • leaking windows and doors.
  • poor exterior siding.

Effects :

The effects of water damage are similar damage regardless of the severity of the floods. Common effects of water damage include :

1. Mold growth.

Mold thrives best in a moist environment. Floods indoors create the perfect space for mold to grow. Mold begins to grow within 24 hours on all waterlogged items and surfaces including carpets, clothes, walls, ceiling, and on furniture.

There are different species of mold, however black mold is the most common species. While mold will not destroy your items, mold produces toxic mold spores. According to the American Lung Association, mold spores are known allergens that cause respiratory allergies and trigger asthma attacks, once inhale by people in the house.

2. Structural damage.

Moist indoor surfaces create the ideal environment for fungi and bacteria to reproduce at an accelerated rate. Fungi and bacteria are known to cause decay, especially to wood. this can affect the structural integrity of your property and the repairs can be quite costly.

Increased moisture indoors can also cause wallpaper to peel of the walls, wood to warp – hence floor floors will feel uneven and wooden doors and windows will fail to close properly.

3. Electrical appliance damage.

Electricity and water don’t mix – everyone knows that! Hence in a case of any flood, the very first step should be to switch off the power at the mainboard. This will prevent you from being electrocuted, prevent all our electronic appliances from short-circuiting and also prevent any damage to occurring the main property electrical wiring.

After floods, all submerged electrical appliances and electrical outlets should be dried out completely or replaced to avoid any damage.

4. Damage furniture and households.

After a flood, there is a very good chance there are some items that you will have to throw away because of the extent of the water damage. Drying - carpets, furniture, and other household items after floods can prove to be a challenging task for anyone and can be expensive to replace all of these items.

Note: once you identify signs of water damage or after floods.

  • It is important for you to first identify the cause of the water damage. Fix it or waited till the rains causing the flooding to end.
  • secondly, you have, initiate the drying process immediately you clean out the floodwater. It is important for you to engage water damage and restoration to provide you with the correct information or drying equipment to dry out your space and all the household items.

We at AlorAir have a team of highly trained water damage and restoration experts ready to help you through the drying process with our effective water damage and restoration drying products.

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