AlorAir® Ultimate Pack 4 Commercial Dehumidifiers 140 Pint + 50 Air Movers Water Damage Restoration Equipment Package

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4 × Storm Sentinel SLGR 1400X WI-FI Dehumidifier & 50 × Zeus Extreme Air Movers

Storm Sentinel SLGR 1400X Commercial Dehumidifier (×4)

Surprise your Dehumidification-UNLEASHED!!! The Strom Elite 125 Pints/Day water damage restoration dehumidifier offers extraordinary performance in a variety range of job site conditions - in low humidity environments and even at high temperatures. The unit is engineered for heavy demands of water damage restoration and rental use.

● Moisture Removal Capacity (115V/60Hz): 140 Pints/Day@AHAM (80°F-60%)
275 Pints/Day@saturation (90°F,90%)
● Moisture Removal Capacity (220V/50Hz need to be customized): 125 liters/Day (270 PPD)@ (30°C-80%)
● Coverage Area: Up to 3,800 Sq. Ft. 
● COP: 2.75 L/kWh (115V/60Hz)
● Ideal for removing Damp, Mould, Rot, and Moisture from Flood & Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Basements/Cellars, Laundries, De-Flooding, Drying Furnishing, Offices, Laboratories, Tradesmen, and Garages. Keep Dry and Restrain Bacterial Growth
● Intelligent Control system: Automatic Digital humidistat control, Water Full Protection, Timer

● Airflow: 440 CFM, 680CMH
● Sound Pressure Level: <60 dB(A)
● Refrigerant: R410A
● Wheel: Portable Wheel
● Draining: Condensate Pump
● Defrosting Control System: Auto Defrosting
● Functioning Temperature Range: 1~43 °C (33.8~110℉)
● Functioning Humidity Range: 35~90%

    AlorAir Zeus Extreme Air Mover (×50)

    The Alorair Zeus Extreme Axial air mover features patent-pending "FUSION ENERGY" technology. "FUSION ENERGY" technology revolutionizes evaporative drying by introducing higher air velocity and undoubtedly beats competitors. This highly focused air flow is a must-function for industry dryings like carpet and pad, sub-floor, sill plate, and walls. The machine with "FUSION ENERGY" technology ensures air velocities further than any other axial air mover.

    The Alorair Zeus Extreme Axial air mover features a 2-speed motor that deliveries a focused airstream up to 3000 CFM and a lightweight stackable designed to fit in vehicle space, on-board duplex GFIC outlet, circuit breaker, and superior cord management.

    Other striking features include lightweight and portable, high air velocity – up to 3000 CFM free air at 1.5” static pressure, robust, welded steel construction, large balanced carrying handle, epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case.

     C-ETL Certification
     Motor: 1/4 HP
     Speed: 2
     Air Volume: 3000 CFM
     Voltage: 115 V 60 HZ
     Amp Draw: 2.3 Amps (High Speed)
     Cord: 20 ft
     Weight: 35.2 Lbs
     Dimension: 20.1×20.1×16.1 in
     Warranty: 1 Year - 100% Parts and Labor (All Components) 
     2 Years - 100% Parts Only (All Components) 
     3 Years - Materials and Workmanship of the Housing Only.