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AlorAir® Ultra pack commercial dehumidifiers , air movers and scrubber water damage restoration equipment package

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4 × Storm Ultra Dehumidifier & 16 × Air Mover & 1 × Scrubber

Storm Ultra 90 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier (×4)

■ Application
Bring you a comfortable living space! The Storm Ultra is a water damage restoration expert! The unit has all the convenient features in a compact and extremely portable size. As a worldwide supplier of the flood restoration drying equipment company, we offer a variety of dehumidifiers to remove water and assist with drying areas after water damage.

● Moisture Removal Capacity (115V/60Hz): 90 Pints/Day@AHAM (80°F-60%)
180 Pints/Day@saturation (90°F
● Moisture Removal Capacity (220V/50Hz need to be customized): 90 liters/Day (190 PPD)@ (30°C-80%)
● Power Supply: 115V/60HZ, 220V/50Hz need to be customized
● Coverage Area: Up to 2,600 Sq. Ft. 
● COP: 2.85L/kWh (115v/60Hz), 3.0L/kWh(220v/50Hz need to be customized)
● Ideal for removing Damp, Mould, Rot, and Moisture from Flood & Restoration, Carpet Cleaning, Basements/Cellars, Laundries, De-Flooding, Drying Furnishing, Offices, Laboratories, Tradesmen, Garages. Keep Dry and Restrain Bacterial Growth
Intelligent Control system: Automatic Digital humidistat control, Water Full Protection, Timer

■ Specifications
● Air flow: 210 CFM , 350 CMH
● Sound Pressure Level: <58 dB(A)
● Refrigerant: R410A
● Wheel: Portable Wheel
● Draining: Condensate Pump
● Defrosting Control System: HGV Defrosting
● Functioning Temperature Range: 1~40 °C (33.8 ~104°F)
● Functioning Humidity Range: 35~95%

      AlorAir Zeus Extreme Axial Air Mover (×16)

      The Alorair Zues Extreme Axial air mover features patent pending "FUSION ENERGY" technology. "FUSION ENERGY" technology revolutionizes evaporative drying by introducing higher air velocity undoubtedly beats competitors. This highly focused air flow is a must function for industry drying like carpet and pad, sub-floor, sill plate and walls. The machine with "FUSION ENERGY" technology ensures air velocities further than any other axial air mover.
      The Alorair Zues Extreme Axial air mover features 2-speed motor that delivers a focused airstream up to 3000 cfm and a lightweight stackable designed to fit in vehicle space, on-board duplex GFIC outlet, circuit breaker, and superior cord management.
      Other striking features include lightweight and portable, high air velocity – up to 3000 cfm free air at 1.5” static pressure, robust, welded steel construction, large balanced carrying handle, epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case.
      C-ETL Certification
      Motor: 1/4 HP
      Speed: 2
      Air Volume: 3000 CFM
      Voltage: 115 V 60 HZ
      Amp Draw: 2.5 Amps (High Speed)
      Cord: 20 ft
      Weight: 26 Lbs
      Dimension: 19.375"×20"×15.5"
      Warranty: 1 Year - 100% Parts and Labor (All Components)
      2 Years - 100% Parts Only (All Components)
      3 Years - Materials and Workmanship of the Housing Only.
      Scrubber (×1)

      The AlorAir CleanShield 550 HEPA air scrubber, with the smallest and lightest design, is unbeatable compared with other brands in removing airborne miscellaneous debris at 0.3 microns in size including pollen, plant spores, mold spores, pet dander. Pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter are all adopted in the CleanShield 550. The CleanShield 550 HEPA is absolutely powerful in cleaning contaminated air with pre-filter and activated carbon filter capturing larger particles and the HEPA filter drawing in smaller particles.

      CleanShield 550 HEPA is capable of cleaning air horizontally and vertically with electricity consumption no more than 3 amps. CleanShield 550 HEPA can produces 550 CFM airflow volume at its peak , which virtually adsorb all hazardous particles from the air.

      During restoration work and drying after water damage, the driving airflow can stir up particulates and particles adhering to the carpet or other materials. Then those dirty particles can be filtrated by the device with the of clean, odor-free air.


      C-ETL Certification
      Power: 3 Amps 115V 60 Hz
      Duct Sizes Intake: 12 in.
      Duct Sizes Outlet Intake: 8 in.
      Cord: 25 ft
      Outlet: 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle
      Static Pressure : 2.8 in. (H2O)
      Air Flow: 270~550 CFM
      Sound Pressure Leve: <69DBA
      Filters: G3 Filter, HEPA 550 Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
      Wieght: 39.6Ibs (18.0KG)
      Dimension: 25"×23.5"×16.5"

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