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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns Policy

We offer a 30 Days return policy


Most in-stock are shipped same or next day from our warehouse
Please note:
  • You will be fully responsible for shipping feeds due to any address request change made after your order has shipped.

Order Tracking

As we receive shipping information about your item we will email it to you, this will include any known delays in the shipment of the item due to a backorder, if the status is "shipped", we will e-mail you a tracking number with a link which you can click on to see where the package is in transit, alternatively, you can go to the UPS or FEDEX we sites to see where the package is in transit, Please enter your tracking number in the box provided and select the track button on the screen, if you place an order over the phone we will notify you when the item has shipped or is due to ship if it is not in stock.

Returns & Exchanges

If your product is defective within this time of purchase, we will replace it as soon as possible and will happily pay all shipping costs to and from your location. all customers are requested to keep their packaging for potential re-shipping of the unit. Please note the following guidelines for defective product returns:
  • Upon receipt of the item, AlorAir will inspect the unit to verify the product defect
  • Once the defect is confirmed, customer will be sent their replacement product free of charge
  • If product appears to be in working condition, and we are unable to replicate the customer complaint, the customer return will be handle under the remorse guidelines stated in the section below.

If you change your mind and wish to return your purchase, we will be happy to accept your return, These "remorse" returns are subject to the following guidelines:
  • Must be within 30 Days of purchase
  • Customer is responsible for cost of shipping product back to AlorAir
  • All returns must be in like new condition, in original packaging, with instructions and accessories; items returned in less than new condition may be subject to additional restocking fees.

If a defective item claim is made outside the initial 30 day period, it must fall within the product warranty timeframe, and is considered a warranty return.
  • all warranty returns will be inspected by AlorAir to replicate the customer complaint.
  • once defect is confirmed, the order will be handled per stated product warranty procedure, whether that is a repair or replacement product.
  • If product appears to be in working condition, and we are unable to replicate the customer complaint, the returned product will considered to still be customer's property, and the customer will be responsible for the cost of return shipping the unit back from AlorAir. In addition, AlorAir reserves the right to charge the customer for any shipping from the customer to AlorAir that was originally covered due to the warranty claim.        

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