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BaseAire 555 Pro Ion Machine with Highest Output - up to 30 Million Negative Ions/Sec, 2 Million Positive Ions/Sec, with Adjustable Settings, Carry Handle, for Rooms, Cars, Pets Dander

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Ion generator

Use 555 Pro plasma field ionizer, Odor neutralization directly at the source. You Deserve It!

Switch on 555 Pro Negative/Positive Ion generator, switch off-odor source.

There are causes for odor nuisance that cannot be easily removed with "standard cleaning" because only the surfaces can be reached, but not the odor-producing microparticles, which can be found everywhere in the material ceilings, etc.

The 555 Pro Negative/Positive Ion generator is used to neutralize the smell in a closed room.


IMPORTANT: Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements; cannot be shipped to California.

The fan draws air from the surrounding air, guides it through the electrodes, then blows it out of the socket gap and returns to the room for treatment.

The odor neutralizer can effectively remove odors such as the kitchen or musty odor, smoke odor, or residual odor after the fire.

Rubber  Handle

Handy compact unit.

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: This 555 Pro ion generator is equipped with a handle and is convenient to carry out.

Magic Sticker

Removable and Washable Dust Proof Filter

Dustproof filter for keeping and protecting your ion generator and electronics parts clean, no need screws, easy and convenient installation. Reduce the fan and parts cleaning time, prolong working life, even if filter dirty, easy cleaning and replacement.

Control Panel


Easy to operate: there is only one knob to set the timer.

User Guide

Specification Sheet


555 Pro ion Generator application

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